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A seamless and comprehensive system that redefines how students manage their student life. Built for students by students. 

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The Problem

Middle & High school students' hectic schedules and responsibilities outside of class are causing them to be stressed & overwhelmed

Students have minimal access to tools and support to structure their lives outside of class in an organized and effective manner 
Students use single purpose solutions that aren’t integrated with their schools, making these solutions tiresome, inconvenient and limiting.
American Psychological Association, found that 31% of teens feel their stress
levels have increased in the past year, with another 34% expecting their stress levels to increase in the coming year. 55% of these students cited poor time management as their major source of stress and 42% of teens believe they aren’t doing enough to manage their stress
Students aren’t given maximum exposure needed to develop critical executive function & interpersonal skills for life beyond secondary school. These include organization, time management, self control, proactivity, metacognition, collaboration, etc...

What is Jochi?

Jochi is an integrated student life management platform that seeks to create a more fulfilling, less stressful schooling experience for middle & high school students. 

We offer a mobile & web application that directly integrates with schools’ existing LMS and calendar systems, that supports students with their day-to-day needs beyond the classroom. This includes planning their schedules, scheduling meetings withs peers/faculty, engaging in extracurricular activities, and developing study skills.

How it works



Jochi's LMS integration allows our planner to display assignments straight from teachers' class pages. Students can organize their assignments, meetings, and extracurricular commitments in a seamless manner.



Students can book meetings with peers & faculty in just a few clicks. Say good-bye to never ending email threads. Our scheduling lets you choose from pre-set times that already works for both you and your teacher/peer.


Club Management

A simple and accessible way to expose students to a variety of opportunities while encouraging extracurricular learning. Stay on top of your clubs, explore new ones, and for club leaders, post material, update meeting times and more.


Study Room

The study room provides students with a virtual study space, chance to study with research backed study methods such as the Pomodoro technique, and monitor and develop their productivity through analytics.


Why Jochi?


Extracurricular Support

Manage your academic life and activities outside the classroom in a structured, organised, and simple manner.


Interpersonal Skills

Through using our platform, students can develop their interpersonal skills such as teamwork, proactivity, organisation, collaboration, and their metacognitive skills.


Data Protection

 Jochi is GDFR, COPPA, and UK Data Protection Act compliant. To learn more about our efforts towards data protection please take a look at our privacy policy

Student Centric

Our platform has been designed to provide students with a seamless experience. Simplifying what were once intimidating, chaotic, and disorganised daily tasks.



Conscious of how many different technology enabled tools schools use and manage, through integrating with schools' existing LMSs and calendar systems Jochi requires minimal work by admin.



 Our semi annual reports, allow admin to see how their students are interacting with faculty/peers, managing their time, engaging in opportunities available to them and progressing. 

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What is Jochi?

Jochi is a personal management platform designed for middle & high school students that helps them manage their school related needs, outside the classroom. Our platform can be accessed via our Mobile & Web app. 

Jochi is a solution for students that has been thoughtfully designed by students. Our platform is the first of its kind, enabling students to develop soft skills at a young age while enhancing their experince in school.

Our platform integrates with middle & high schools' existing learning management and calender systems. This integration simplifies the lives of students and allows for a more personalised experince.

What is Jochi's privacy policy?

Jochi does not sell user data or information to any third party. Additionally, Jochi is US DPA , EU GDFR, and EU Children's Online Privacy Protection Act compliant. Our entire privacy policy can be found at this link.


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