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Redefine what Student
Support means at your School

Seamless solutions for diverse learners to thrive academically and beyond.

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A comprehensive management solution for academic planning, organization, and time management.

Keep on Top of Assignments & Homeworks

Through effortless workload-management, Jochi enables students to develop organization & planning skills.

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Homework & others deadlines synced from LMSs

Insight on Academic Progress

Students develop study skills through focused study sessions & data of their academic progress through visualized performance metrics and trends.

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Built-in study practices & techniques

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Easy Access to Support 

In a matter of clicks, students can book appointments with their specialists & tutors, giving them access to the support they need when they need it.

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Synced with specialists' personal calendars

Streamlining How You Support
Your Students

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Seamless appointment scheduling for students & tutors



Share guides, resources, and other materials with your students through your own dedicated page 

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Data &

Insight into your students' day-to-day organization & assignment completion

Greater Insight & Visibility to Your Students' Development

Stay connected with students outside of your sessions, monitor their academic progress, and provide timely guidance for their ongoing success

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Dedicated home page to share resources

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Visibility into your students' academic management

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Why Our Users Love Jochi


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Our approach
Co-Creating Through School Partnerships


Cristo Rey


La Jolla Country Day

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Seamless Integrations

Jochi helps you make the most of your existing systems through powerful pre-built LMS & SIS integrations.

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Single sign-on

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<5 min onboarding

Get started with Jochi today.

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