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About Jochi

Enhancing wellbeing, experiences, and communities at schools through technology

Jochi was birthed out of the University of Pennsylvania's Venture Lab program in 2020, after our team first-handedly witnessed the concerning levels of stress and anxiety among high school students. After diving into this further and surveying over 900 students, we found that a large part of this stress was a result of poor management skills outside of the classroom. They were struggling to keep up as a result of the lack of student support with their lives outside of the classroom. 


For administrators, being able to track student well-being is more important than ever to ensure students are on the right track. However, given the current climate of education, it has also become more challenging than ever. A student’s life extends far beyond the classroom. The moment the classroom bell rings, students have to balance their homework, college prep, extracurricular commitments, social life, and more. So to be an encompassing support structure for your students, additional guidance is required.


Through COVID, we’ve seen a massive impact on student well-being and mental health, which is heavily supported by research. Not only did students miss out on two years of normal education, but they missed out on critical metacognitive development in some of their most formative years.


We see ourselves as much more than an EdTech platform, but rather a student support system that is enabled by technology. That’s why we’ve introduced our free workshops for students on productivity and time management in addition to our platform.


Jochi was founded with the simple intention of bringing back what it means to be a student. To lift all the weight off students having to be bogged down by administrative hurdles, and solely focus on what really matters in these years. Through our platform, we’re enabling students to make the most of their time in school, while unleashing their potential and giving them exposure to build real-world life skills.

Our Alliances

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