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We're a team of engineers, educators, and most importantly former students, designing tools that put students first.  

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Jochi's journey began in the spring of 2021 after we graduated graduated high school the previous spring. We were frustrated in how we had spent the past 4-6 years of our lives: a never ending cycle of stressing out, freaking out and missing out. We set out to build the tool kit that we wished we had in school - with a simple mission to refocus attention on the importance of students' wellbeing, feeling of community, and their experiences. 

Mission & Vision

We're dedicated to transforming the student experience by alleviating administrative burdens and empowering students to thrive. Through technology, we're enabling students to confidently navigate their schooling experience while fostering holistic development. Our vision is a future where every student walks in to school equipped with skills and resilience to excel academically, enjoy fulfilling experiences, and embrace their potential.

Our Team

Our co-founders, Yash and Rahul, both shared similar experiences growing up. They credited the experiences, relationships, and memories made outside the classroom that shaped their schooling experience and identity. Through Jochi, they look to restore the importance of student-life outside the classroom through fusing education with technology.

Our Collaborators

Jochi's impact wouldn't be possible without the support of our partner organisations:  The University of Pennsylvania's Venture Lab, UPenn GSE Catalyst, the Pennovation Center for Innovation, and the Uncommon Individual Foundation. We're honored to building Jochi with these organizations by our side.

Get started with Jochi today.

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