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Our Commitment to
Data Privacy

Ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your school's data in transit & ongoing use.


FERPA-Compliant Data Protection

We are deeply committed to maintaining the privacy and security of student & school information. In line with this commitment, our platform is fully FERPA compliant.

Jochi does not share any student data (or any other user data, for that matter) with third parties.

Jochi enables specific data access, so only students, learning specialists, and admin can access stored data.

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Enhanced Control
& Data Handling

We've partnered with Edlink to prioritize your school's needs for secure and data management.

During our onboarding, schools provision who's and which data we're able to access and for how long.

Onboarding Flow

Are you responsible for EdTech at your school? Find a time to chat!


Data Privacy

Review and acknowledge Jochi's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to align with our safety standards.


Connect LMS or SIS Systems

Connect your school's SIS or LMS with Jochi effortlessly. You can access our step-by-step guide and access resources here.

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and Control

Once you're set up, you'll have full control over data access. Finalize the setup, review and manage data control settings, and monitor usage.

Streamline how your learning specialists support students with data on Jochi.

During your demo, we'd love hear about the challenges & goals for your school's academic support center and then explore how Jochi can enable this.

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