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Empower Every Learner, Every Step of the Way.

Jochi is an integrated academic support solution

for neurodiverse learners, families and K-12 Schools.

Educators at leading schools leverage Jochi to
streamline their academic support programming.

Jochi users and customers, top K-12 schools use Jochi

Effortless Monitoring with Data Driven Clarity.

Jochi lightens the load for learning specialists, streamlining tracking, reporting, and monitoring efforts.

Our platform automates data collection and reporting, providing quick & easy access to students' academic and behavioral insights.

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For Learning Support Teams

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The Ultimate Academic
Planner for Independence

With Jochi, learning specialists gain more time for student engagement by reducing the burden of manual data management.


Students leverage Jochi's integrated planner to simplify everyday
academic tasks of organizing homework, accessing support, and
studying effectively.

For Learners


Seamlessly Integrated with Learning Management Systems

Make the most of your existing learning management system with Jochi's seamless integrations. Connect Jochi to your school's existing LMS in minutes, not days.

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Let's Chat

Schedule a time with our team members to explore​ how

Jochi can help your learning center support more students.

Talk soon!
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Frequently Asked

  • How can schools or parents start using Jochi?
    To get started with Jochi, schools and parents can sign up for a demo here . During this session, we'll explore your specific needs and set up a trial account for you. If Jochi meets your expectations, integrating it with your LMS is straightforward and quick, typically completed in under five minutes.
  • How is Jochi different to a Learning Management System?
    Jochi enhances your school's existing LMS by focusing on the unique needs of learning specialists and neurodiverse learners. It integrates seamlessly to deliver comprehensive insights into student performance, both in and out of the classroom.
  • What measures does Jochi take to ensure data privacy and security?
    Jochi ensures your school's data remains secure and under your control at all times, with strict access protocols and full FERPA compliance to protect the privacy of all users. Please visit this page to learn more about our privacy policy & standards.
  • Is there a trial period or demo?
    For inquiries about licensing Jochi, please contact us directly. We offer trials and demos to ensure our platform meets the needs of your learners, families, and educational specialists before you make a full commitment.
  • What is Jochi?
    Jochi is an management platform designed to support learning centers in K-12 schools, families, and neurodiverse learners. We offer tools and insights to enhance learning management and academic support, streamline processes for learning specialists, and provide families with insights into student progress.

Our Story

Jochi’s journey began during the Covid-19 pandemic when high school seniors, Rahul Nambiar and Yash Dhir, saw what being a student means change beneath their feet. It became apparent that academic achievement was only part of the equation—true success extends beyond the classroom, where learners confidently tackle their everyday challenges while developing key metacognitive skills. This broader understanding of learning became the foundation of Jochi.

Driven by Yash’s personal journey grappling with learning differences, and Rahul’s passion for harboring data and technology to create a tangible impact, we founded Jochi with one core mission: to ensure that technology in education always serves the needs of students, educators, and families first.

Incubated at the University of Pennsylvania, Jochi has received notable recognition, including the prestigious 2024 President's Innovation Prize at the University of Pennsylvania

The two founders behind Jochi, Yash Dhir and Rahul Nambiar

Recent Updates


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Jochi wins the President's Innovation Prize from the University of Pennsylvania


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Submit a new feature request,
troubleshoot with our community.

Live Weekly Group Demo

Get a firsthand look at how educators leverage Jochi to streamline student support.
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Can't make it?

Use this link to schedule a 1:1 demo.

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