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  • What is Jochi's privacy policy?
    Jochi does not sell user data or information to any third party. Jochi is GDFR, COPPA, and UK Data Protection Act compliant. To learn more about our efforts towards data protection please take a look at our privacy policy here
  • How could Jochi support our advisory programs?
    We recognize the importance of fostering close relationships between students and faculty in school. That's why we've given advisors special functionality to keep up with their students' out-of-class activity. With Jochi, advisors can see how their advisees are keeping on top their assignments and allocating their study time.
  • Why should our school consider using Jochi?
    Each of our solutions have been designed with the simple goal of making the lives of students, administrators and faculty easier. Whether you're looking to enhance the support provided at your student support center or enrich the extracurricular programming at your school, we're focused on helping schools uplift student wellbeing, school communities, and experiences through solutions that won't make your life any harder! With our advance integrations to your schools' existing tools, we're able to provide an unmatched user experience to students and faculty while adhering to data privacy & security laws.
  • How does Jochi support Executive Functioning Development?
    Our platform enables students to develop their interpersonal skills such as teamwork, proactivity, organization, collaboration, and other metacognitive skills. Following CASEL's SEL framework, we designed each feature targeting the four different components of student life.
  • How is Jochi an 'integrated' solution?
    Conscious of how many different technologies schools use, we've made it seamless to bring Jochi to your school through our partnership with Edlink.
  • Who is behind Jochi?
    Jochi's journey first started at the University of Pennlsylvania through the support of Penn's Venture Lab. Our founding team consists of educators, engineers, and (what truly sets us apart) ex-high school students who've spent over two years understanding the pain points of our stakeholders. To learn more about what we're envisioning through our products, please visit this link.
  • What is Jochi?
    Jochi is an EdTech solution provider with a suite of student-life management tools designed for middle and high schools. Our tools cater to school administrators, students and faculty. To learn more, book a time to meet with our team here

For more help using our platform and general inquires, please visit
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Streamline how your learning specialist support students with data with Jochi.

During your demo, we'd love hear about the challenges & goals for your school's academic support center and then explore how Jochi can enable this.

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