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Jochi's Summer Internship Program: Partnering with ExcitED

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

As we count down the days to a significant milestone in our journey, we're thrilled to showcase another one of our partners: ExcitED.

Our journey with ExcitED began when we recognized the incredible opportunity they were providing to students. At Jochi, we've always valued keeping our users deeply engaged in our development process. This summer, in partnership with ExcitED, we welcomed three high school students into the Jochi team. They spent valuable time at the Uncommon Individual Foundation HQ, immersing themselves in the world of entrepreneurship and product development.

Student-Centric Innovation

During the internship, these students got to work closely with our team. They participated in customer calls, collaborated with our development team, and even contributed their own ideas to our solution.

Our partnership with ExcitED perfectly aligns with our commitment to student-driven innovation. It enabled these students to shape their own learning experiences, embodying Jochi's core principle of being created by and for students.

About ExcitED: Shaping the Future of Education

ExcitED is dedicated to crafting engaging STEAM learning environments for students and educators. Their mission is to foster educational innovation through partnerships and establish sustainable solutions that enrich STEAM programs, connecting students and educators with real-world experiences.

To learn more about ExcitED and their initiatives, please visit ExcitED's Website.

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