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Enhancing Jochi's Interoperability with Edlink

Empowering Student Success Through Seamless Integrations

We're thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Jochi and Edlink, two organizations committed to enhancing the educational experience for students and educators alike. At Jochi, our mission has always been to redefine how students receive support beyond the classroom through tools that put students first. With Edlink by our side, we're taking a significant step towards this by providing the most seamless student-experience possible.

About Edlink

Edlink is a leading integration provider focused on interoperability. They provide the fastest and easiest way to integrate learning platforms with school data systems. Edlink currently supports 75+ edtech tools and is currently working behind the scenes to help over 30 million people use their edtech products seamlessly with their school’s LMS, SIS, and identity management platform (like Clever, or ClassLink).

Edlink are trusted to exchange sensitive data securely by edtech companies, school IT administrators, and district leaders in over 2,500 educational institutions, and growing.

What this means for Jochi

Through our partnership with Edlink, Jochi now boasts the capability to connect with educational systems with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Edlink's 5 minute long onboarding makes connecting your schools' systems to Jochi effortless.

We're able to connect to major LMS, SIS, IMS solutions while adhering to Open Data Standards. This includes,

  • Canvas

  • Schoology

  • Google Classroom

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Brightspace by D2L

  • Blackboard

  • Moodle

🔗 To learn more about other systems we can integrate with, please visit this page.


To learn more about Jochi, visit

To learn more about Edlink, visit

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