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Revolution School: Where Student-Driven Innovation Leads the Way

As we approach an exciting milestone and gear up for a major release, we're thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our remarkable partners: Revolution School.

When we first learned about Revolution School's mission and vision to provide students with an education suited to our ever-changing world, we knew we had to support it. Revolution School's emphasis on integrated, relationship-based learning experiences struck a chord with us.

Jochi pilots EdTech tool at Revolution School
Pilot workshop at Revolution School

At Jochi, our commitment to empowering students outside of the classroom aligns perfectly with Revolution School's progressive approach. Together, we embarked on a journey to refine our tool, recognizing that students' input holds deep value. We engaged directly with Revolution School students to understand their unique perspectives, needs, and aspirations. This partnership has been instrumental in shaping Jochi, making it a tool that truly reflects the voice and preferences of the students it serves.

Together with Revolution School, we're not only reimagining the how EdTech put students first, but also redefined what's possible when student-driven innovation takes the lead.

To learn more about the Revolution School, please visit,

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