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Ryan Song joins Jochi as a Strategic Advisor

Updated: Oct 16

At Jochi, we firmly believe that success requires collaboration with those who understand the educational landscape intimately. In our relentless pursuit of building the perfect solution, we are thrilled to introduce our newest advisor, Ryan Song.

Jochi welcomes new advisor: Ryan Song
Ryan Song - Jochi

Meet Ryan Song: A Leader in Education

Ryan's impressive journey in the world of education is a testament to his commitment to improving the educational experiences for students. With roles at renowned institutions such as Rye Country Day, La Jolla Country Day, and Collegiate School, Ryan has a deep understanding of curriculum development, faculty support, and the values that drive educational communities.

UPenn Team 🤝 UPenn Alumni

Our work with Ryan began through the UPenn Alumni network, where we had the privilege of tapping into his wealth of knowledge. His experiences as a school leader provided unique insights that immediately resonated with our mission.

With Ryan onboard, we're taking significant strides toward our goal: empowering schools across the country to provide the best possible student experience.

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