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Everything you need to know to use Jochi like a pro!

     Log In/Sign Up

Upon first entering our platform, students will need to create a Jochi account. To do so, their school must be on the Jochi platform. To create an account click sign up: enter your details, your school, and your school ID. After signing up, you will receive an authentication email to complete the process.

After your profile has been created, students can log in directly with their email address and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, click forgot password and enter your email address on your account to reset it.

     Class Assignments

Jochi will display all of the students’ class assignments directly from their teacher’s postings on their respective learning management systems. Whatever assignments are listed on the teacher's class page automatically will be shown on students’ planners.

    Manually Add Assignments

In addition to these class assignments, students can manually add assignments and tasks. Click “add assignment” on the Web app or the + button on the mobile app. Students will be prompted to select what class the assignment is for, a task description, priority level, and the due time and date. 

    Edit Assignments

To edit an assignment, click on the assignment and then edit whatever details you need to change.


     Meetings: How does it work?

Teachers will be able to set pre-determined availability so you will automatically be able to see what times teachers have availability. Once on the meetings feature, select your teacher, a date range, and depending on whether you want to cross-check their availability with yours, click “Show options based on my availability”. Based on your teacher’s availability you will be shown meeting times. Once you’ve found a meeting time that works for you, click it and press confirm. Your teacher will receive a meeting request via their email and the Teacher Jochi Portal that they can confirm. You will be reminded via the in-app notifications before the meeting begins. Follow the same steps for your peers. For teachers, they can sync their Jochi meetings to their calendar of choice via the Teacher Jochi Portal so that they can stick to their systems while keeping up to date with meetings with students. 
     Where can I view my upcoming meetings?

All your meetings can be accessed under the “View All'' tab under the study feature. Here you can also cancel your meetings. Your meetings will all be displayed on students’ Jochi planners.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

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