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A Smarter Approach
to Homework, Studying,
& Scheduling.

With Jochi, students effortlessly take charge of their workload & time - unlocking a stress-free & focused version of themselves.

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Stay On Top of Assignments & Homework

Jochi simplifies the execution of complex task planning, management, and completion for students. 

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Homework & others deadlines synced from LMSs

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Enabling Proactive Learning Culture

In a matter of clicks, students can book appointments with their specialists & tutors, giving them access to the support they need when they need it.

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Access academic support in 3 clicks.

Increasing Self-Efficacy through Data-Driven Insights 

Students develop study skills through focused study sessions & data of their academic progress through visualized performance metrics and trends.

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Built-in study practices & techniques

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Behavior trends & tracking

Get Started with Jochi today.

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